15 September, 2009

a few random things

Oh boy, this week has me busy busy busy again... I'm actually sitting in bed right now with the laptop on my knees, totally ready to hit the hay! But I really wanted to check in real quick and let you know how I'm doing and hopefully I'll be able to read at least a few of your blogs before I fall asleep... In order to keep things sweet and short, I'll just do a bullet style post for today.

-- I totally HAVE to tell you about my weigh-in on Monday! Wait for it... I had a super duper loss of 1.8 kilos / 4lbs !!! WOOHOOO!!! Sure, I've been sick and that's the main reason for my loss, but still... I'll take it! :)

-- My exercise plan this week has been just that... a plan. Need to work on that!!! My throat is still a bit sore, but I could still do some light workouts. It's certainly not a good enough excuse.

-- I'm super nervous about tomorrow night... I'm going to have to speak in front of about 130 parents of our students! Oh my... not much and not for very long, just introducing myself to them and telling them about my subject, but still... 130 people!!!

-- Good things are about to happen around here... You'll see soon enough! :)

-- I'm really pooped now... I hope I'll be able to catch up with all of you tomorrow.

Good night for now!


skinny me! said...

WOW!! AMAZING! Way to go...that is so great!

Natasha said...

4 pounds! You're on fire.

As for your speech: what ever you do, don't picture them naked. I tried doing that once and the first person I looked at was a 92-year-old man. And I have a vivid imagination. *shudder*

All kidding aside, you're going to do great. Let us know how it goes!

Tiffany said...

Yay, so happy for you. That is a fantastic loss and a great motivation to keep going.

Rebecca said...

Supi Alea!!!

Das freut mich aber ganz arg fuer dich!

Natasha said...

Aww... I'm glad you like my videos! That makes me feel really special. Thanks!

Lola said...

WHAT!!!! Woo HOOOOOO!! That is fantastic.

Maybe I need to hang around some sick people. :o)

Congratulations! (I hope you feel better).